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youtube subscribe famous guitar intro Welcome to this great guitar-site. Here we will show how to play the most beautiful guitar-songs and intro's of all times. See all of our videos on YouTube.
Welcome to this great guitar site. We are specialised in online guitar lessons on video and show you how to play the most beautiful guitar songs and intro's all times.
With our online guitar video's, you can learn in your own tempo (slow function). All of our famous guitar songs written out in complete arrangements including lyrics and guitar chords.
Every guitar intro and guitar licks will be shown on video. In our library, the most famous guitarists will pass by; Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Van Halen, Guns and Roses, Eric Clapton, U2, AC/DC, Bon Jovi, etcetera.

Regards, Jeff Zwart and Jurjen Waalkens

 Title  Artist  Difficulty
  youtube Aint talking bout love  Van Halen  Advanced
  youtube Alive  Pearl Jam  Intermediate
  youtube All right now  Free  Intermediate
  youtube Always on the run  Lenny Kravitz  Advanced
  youtube Angie  Rolling Stones  Intermediate
  youtube Are you gonna go my way  Lenny Kravitz  Advanced
  youtube Beast of Burden  Bette Midler  Intermediate
  youtube Bird of paradise  Snowy White  Intermediate
  youtube Born to be wild  Steppenwolf  Easy
  youtube Brazen  Skunk Anansie  Easy
  youtube Brown Sugar  Rolling Stones  Intermediate
  youtube Burning heart  Vandenburg  Advanced
  youtube Californication  Red Hot Chili Peppers  Easy
  youtube Come as you are  Nirvana  Easy
  youtube Every breath you take  The Police  Intermediate
  youtube Hanging by the moment  Lifehouse  Easy
  youtube Hedonism  Skunk Anansie  Advanced
  youtube Hey Joe  Jimi Hendrix  Intermediate
  youtube Hey there Delilah  Plain white Ts  Easy
  youtube High road easy  Sass Jordan  Intermediate
  youtube Hold the line  Toto  Easy
  youtube Honky Tonk Woman  Rolling Stones  Advanced
  youtube Hotel California  Eagles  Intermediate
  youtube House of the rising sun  Animals  Easy
  youtube I will follow  U2  Easy
  youtube Ironic  Alanis Morissette  Intermediate
  youtube It s so hard  Anouk  Intermediate
  youtube Knockin on heavens door  Guns and Roses  Easy
  youtube La Bamba  Trini Lopez  Easy
  youtube Layla (acc)  Eric Clapton  Intermediate
  youtube Layla (el.)  Eric Clapton  Advanced
  youtube Lenny  Stevie Ray Vaughan  Advanced
  youtube Listen to the music  Doobie brothers  Intermediate
  youtube Lithium  Nirvana  Easy
  youtube Little Wing  Jimi Hendrix  Advanced
  youtube Long train running  Doobie brothers  Intermediate
  youtube Mary had a little lamb  Stevie Ray Vaughan  Advanced
  youtube Message in a bottle  The Police  Intermediate
  youtube Michel  Anouk  Easy
  youtube Money for nothing  Dire Straits  Advanced
  youtube More than a feeling  Boston  Intermediate
  youtube Nothing else matters  Metallica  Advanced
  youtube One  U2  Intermediate
  youtube One of us  Joan Osborne  Easy
  youtube One vision  Queen  Easy
  youtube Owner of a lonely heart  Yes  Easy
  youtube Paranoid  Black Sabbath  Intermediate
  youtube Play that funky music  Wild Cherry  Easy
  youtube Purple Haze  Jimi Hendrix  Intermediate
  youtube Purple rain  Prince  Intermediate
  youtube Race against the machine  Race against the machine  Advanced
  youtube Run to you  Bryan Adams  Easy
  youtube Runnin with the devil  Van Halen  Intermediate
  youtube Satisfaction  Rolling Stones  Easy
  youtube Scartissue  Red Hot Chili Peppers  Intermediate
  youtube Smells like teen spirit  Nirvana  Easy
  youtube Smoke on the water  Deep Purple  Easy
  youtube Stairway to heaven  Led Zeppelin  Advanced
  youtube Start me up  Rolling Stones  Easy
  youtube Still got the blues  Gary Moore  Advanced
  youtube Sunday bloody Sunday  U2  Intermediate
  youtube Supersoul  Dilana  Intermediate
  youtube Sweet child of mine  Guns and Roses  Advanced
  youtube Sweet home Alabama  Lynyrd Skynyrd  Advanced
  youtube The wind cries Mary  Jimi Hendrix  Intermediate
  youtube Through the Barricades  Spandau Ballet  Advanced
  youtube Thunderstruck  AC/DC  Advanced
  youtube True Colors  Cindy Lauper  Intermediate
  youtube Under the bridge  Red hot chili peppers  Advanced
  youtube Vertigo  U2  Intermediate
  youtube Walk this way  Aerosmith  Intermediate
  youtube Wanted dead or alive  Bon Jovi  Advanced
  youtube Whole lotta rosie  AC/DC  Easy
  youtube Wonderful tonight  Eric Clapton  Easy
  youtube You re beautifull  James Blunt  Intermediate
  youtube You really got me now  Van Halen  Intermediate
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